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From The Desk Of Managing Director

"In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful"
Surah 24. An-Nur, Verse 37

(Ibadat itu dikerjakan oleh) orang-orang yang kuat imannya yang tidak dilalaikan oleh perniagaan atau berjual-beli daripada menyebut serta mengingati Allah, dan mendirikan sembahyang serta memberi zakat; mereka takutkan hari (kiamat) yang padanya berbalik-balik hati dan pandangan.


RHS Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd was incorporated under Company Act 1965 on June 29, 2002 and wholly owned (100%) by Bumiputera. In the beginning, RHS Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd started its business by providing various services to client mainly within the West Malaysia. Now the company has successfully progressed and expanded its businesses coverage to service clients not only in West Malaysia area but also in other parts of Malaysia.

Our objective is to enhance and diversify our capabilities and competencies in providing high quality services in the field of Electrical and Instrumentation scope of work including EPCC projects particularly in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. We are also committed to continuously improve our standard of professionalism in delivering our commitments to meet our client's specific requirements