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We are capable to supply, install, test and commission the system for building and plant for gas, smoke, and heat detector as well as sound & alarm system

Our experience covered all installation related to fire fighting work such as FM200 system, fire sprinkler system, CO2 system and fire protection system in turbine and generator room, local fire alarm system and fire suppression system for all downstream and upstream sectors.

FM 200 fire suppression system’s agent is dispensed into the area of the fire; it absorbs the heat and lowers the fire’s temperature below the ignition point. Since the fire suppression agent leaves no residue and requires no cleanup, it’s ideal for use in computer rooms, museums, historical archives, and many other applications. Some benefits of FM 200 fire suppression systems are that they require little storage space for the fire extinguishing agent in comparison to a carbon dioxide system and the systems can be located in areas that are occupied by the facility’s personnel. 

Our main clients are PETRONAS, FPSO and Talisman. Thus, our employees have gained sufficient knowledge and experienced in this field and has also attended courses which was organized by BOMBA and FIRE & SAFETY council as well as seminars and exhibitions from various principals of the fire protection system.