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We were involved in a few major and minor shutdown works such as at Petronas Gas Processing Plant A and B, Petronas Penapisan (T) Sdn Bhd, Tenaga Nasional Power Station and Huntsman Tioxide Plant. We also participated in plant shutdown works in Gebeng Industrial Area, in plants such as CUF, MTBE, BASF and BP. We are proud that during these turnaround events, we have provided most efficient project scheduling to meet our customers tight shutdown planning.

In the field of instrumentations, we are providing services for flow , level, pressure and temperature transmitter, control valve, gas flow meter, fusible plug loop and also on line analyzer. The work covered installation, calibration, testing and commissioning for the whole loops. We also provide on site calibration service for all type of transmitters offshore as well as on shore site, and we have carried-out this job mainly at PCSB facilities in the past.

During project execution, we carefully ensure and verify that all construction materials and works comply with project specifications, drawings and procedures as required by clients